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"You designed the perfect building for us...a beautiful facility that has captured the attention of our city."

    - Carl Morris, Senior Pastor
       Abundant Life Church
       Florence, South Carolina

"This statement commends and recommends the work of The Church Architect. They diligently  worked with our Church from the time of the conception of our idea to the completion of our Project.

Mr. Hill's suggestions and ideas were instrumental in making us realize our needs and our potential.  He found ways to help us trim our budget, helped us to present the bank a feasible loan proposal and helped to keep the Contractors true to their obligations..."

   - Curtis L. Johnson, Pastor
      Valley Brook Outreach
      Baptist Church
      Pelzer, South Carolina

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Copyright Policies

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Privacy Policy

1.0 Privacy Statement:

RWHAA supports the right of personal privacy and corporate security on the Internet. RWHAA collects personal information from our clients solely as a means to provide information (via our opt-in email programs or newsletters) or to complete a client request. RWHAA will never sell or market names, e-mail addresses, or any other privileged information about our clients or subscribers.

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RWHAA respects the request of any individual asking to have his/her e-mail address opted-out of our database. As well, every e-mail sent by RWHAA will provide an automated unsubscribe option at the bottom of each e-mail. All other unsubscribe requests can easily be processed by sending an e-mail, including the e-mail address you wish to remove, to

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Information submitted to RWHAA by our clients, i.e. a testimony, suggestion or concern, will be used to enhance, evaluate, or otherwise review and better our web site, services, products, or markets.

Please note, any testimonies or feedback provided to RWHAA becomes the property of RWHAA for the purposes of private marketing of RWHAA designs and services.

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5.0 What kind of information does this web site collect?

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Terms of Usage

1.0 Terms of Usage Policy:

RWHAA is solely focused on providing church leaders with high quality church designs and church project programs that allow church leaders to maximum their overall church design with their allocated budgets. None of the information or tools provided on the RWHAA web site are intended for unethical or illegal marketing practices, including but not limited to:

1.1 Spam:
RWHAA does not participate in spamming and maintains a zero tolerance spam policy. Those who enter into business relationships with RWHAA (including, but not limited to, affiliates and joint venture partners) and choose to promote RWHAA, RWHAA products or services, or RWHAA affiliated products or services using spam will have their relationship with RWHAA terminated immediately. 

1.2 Harvesting E-mail Address:
Tools and resources provided by RWHAA are neither intended nor permitted to be used for the harvesting of e-mail addresses. Those who have found ways to abuse any of these tools and resources and use them for mass harvesting or spamming will have their relationship with RWHAA terminated immediately.

1.3 Unauthorized Opt-In:
In order to protect our opt-in e-mail list, we only accept individual's email addresses who willingly sign up for services provided by RWHAA. If an e-mail address is subscribed to our system without the owner’s permission or the owner wishes to remove their address, their address will be deleted immediately.

1.4 Fraud:
RWHAA will pursue and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law any individual(s) who attempt to use our systems, products, or services for the purpose of fraudulent transactions or actions. RWHAA maintains ethical practices and will not tolerate any misuse of our web site,  products or resources by any third party. If misuse occurs, we will do everything in our power to immediately terminate the relationship and prevent any further misuse.

Contact Information

We invite you to contact us if you have questions about this policy. You may contact us by mail at the following address:

Raymond W. Hill, Jr. - Architect and Associates
300 New Neely Ferry Road
Mauldin, SC  29662 

You may contact us by e-mail at 
You may call us at 864-288-9630, Monday- Friday 9AM - 6PM (EST - USA), or fax us at 864-288-3265.

Thank you for your support of RWHAA!  Providing high quality church designs and excellent customer service are our primary goals at RWHAA. Bottom line, the only way we and our company can be successful is if our clients are happy and are experiencing the benefits our specialized church project programs promise to deliver. Period. If you're happy, then you'll tell other Church Leaders about your success with our services. It's a win-win situation for both you and us. You'll help other Church Leaders experience the same benefits you have and our company continues to flourish!




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