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Our Testimonials

"You designed the perfect building for us...a beautiful facility that has captured the attention of our city."

    - Carl Morris, Senior Pastor
       Abundant Life Church
       Florence, South Carolina

"This statement commends and recommends the work of The Church Architect. They diligently  worked with our Church from the time of the conception of our idea to the completion of our Project.

Mr. Hill's suggestions and ideas were instrumental in making us realize our needs and our potential.  He found ways to help us trim our budget, helped us to present the bank a feasible loan proposal and helped to keep the Contractors true to their obligations..."

   - Curtis L. Johnson, Pastor
      Valley Brook Outreach
      Baptist Church
      Pelzer, South Carolina

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Get the church you want for the price you need!

Yes, you can have the facility you want within your Budget...
Let The Church Architect show you how!

Before choosing any design firm, you must first learn most firms fall into two major program categories, the Architect/Bid program or the Design/Bid program, and then understand how they work. Unfortunately, each of these programs is full of serious possible pitfalls that can result in unmet deadlines, severely exceeded budgets, and possibly an uncompleted church!

Let's compare each of these programs in more detail and then allow us to show you how The Church Architect is different:

Architect/Bid Program vs. Design/Build Program

The following considerations are among the most important items you should know about these programs.

Architect/Bid Program

Design/Build Program

  • Good Church Design is a Specialty expertise not a General expertise. The vast majority of architects are generalists or may specialize in commercial, residential, educational or industrial design.  Rarely will you find a Design Professional who specializes in Church Design.
  • The Architect is hired by and works for the Contractor not the Church!  As a design professional, his goal is to please the Contractor rather than the Church!

    The Architect under this program is not only unable to render unbiased consultation to the Church; worse yet, he may actually be minimally competent to prepare the required construction documents and paid commensurately.  Wouldn't you rather have an Architect that specializes in Church Design and one that is looking out for your best interest instead of that of the contractor?
  • Most General Architects only design one or two churches during their entire career. Do you really want to entrust your project to an Architect without the expertise  your project requires?
  • Receiving good Church design is next to impossible under this program because the Contractor furnishes the Architect with the design he, the contractor, has built before or is the most comfortable constructing.

    The degree to which you, as the client, have your design goals and desires satisfied is largely immaterial.  After all, the main emphasis of this program is to deliver a predetermined plan at a predetermined cost.  Hardly a crucible for fine design!
  • Lack of specialized church design expertise can cost your Church big money!  Incompetent of incomplete Design Work forces the Contractor to over pad his bid in order to cover himself.  Often this over padding will increase your overall Project Cost by 50% or more!

    Try explaining these excessive costs to your Congregation after you Architect has assured you otherwise.
  • Since the Contractor controls the preparation of the construction documents and determines largely the quality of the components and subsystems shown therein; and the Architect supports the contractor, the Church has no third-party objective representative ensuring you receive what you have paid for!
  • Because of these blown budgets, many churches have no choice but to delay or dismiss their church project altogether! Or worse, they are forced to pay additional monies to their Architect firms to redesign their project.

    Remember, proper redesign or so called "value engineering" after the construction plans are complete is too costly and time Architect is willing to do it.  Therefore, the process results in cutting the project scope and quality to achieve the Church's desired budget.  In the end, no meaningful redesign is actually performed.
  • At some point in every Building Program a problem will arise.  Again, under the Design/Bid Program, the Church has no objective third party representative ensuring you receive a fair resolution of the dispute.

    Disputes are
    generally left unsolved or are not solved to your satisfaction.  Don't count on the Architect to protect you since he is paid by the Contractor!
  • Sadly, the pitfalls from these programs force many churches to settle for an inadequate or substandard design.  Your Church's hopes of receiving a first-class church are shattered and your hard-earned construction funds are decimated and the Stewardship of the Lord's money is compromised.
  • Watch out for Change Orders!  Under this program, Change Orders are often very costly.

    Who acts on behalf of the Church to evaluate the legitimacy, scope and fair cost of these items?  Should these items have been implied in the construction documents; and therefore, be included in the original contract award?  Is the cost of the Change Order fairly stated?
  • Remember, the only way to achieve true cost savings and maximum church benefit is through competent design.

    The cost of labor and materials from one Contractor to another really doesn't vary significantly.  However, it is how efficiently and clearly understood those same materials and subsystems are applied to a particular design that will favorably influence the construction bidding. Specialized Church Design is the key!


Get the church you want for the price you need!

We can design the church you want for the price you want to pay!

You, not the Contractor, are our client. We offer each of our clients a customized Church Project Delivery Program which combines the best aspects of both the traditional Owner/Architect Design approach and the standard Design/Build approach. Our highly trained staff  will carefully customize your Church Project Delivery Program to include your design concepts and your growing congregation's needs all within your available budget.

Our customized Church Project Delivery Program provides you all the professionalism you expect. Additionally, it helps keeps the delivery of your church project on time and within your budget! Avoid the embarrassment of major pitfalls, such as missed construction deadlines and blown budgets, that many other firms and programs will deliver you in the end. Our program has been tried, tested and proven on over 400 church projects for close to 30 years throughout the Southeast.

Time and time again, our clients are amazed how smoothly their church projects are executed via their customized Church Project Delivery Program. Click here for testimonies from our former clients and the results their Church Project Delivery Program provided them.

The Church Architect Way!

The Church Architect Guarantee...


Your Result...

  • The Church Architect works exclusively for you, the Church - our client!
  • You receive the proper representation you deserve to ensure you receive the church design you want for your budget.
  • The Church Architect possesses specialized church design expertise. Church designs are the heart and focus of our business.
  • You will avoid wasted monies on redesigns. Additionally, you will not be forced to settle for an inadequate design because your design budget was squandered. Our expertise provides you a design that meets the needs of your growing congregation.
  • The Church Architect is not swayed by the Contractor because we receive no monies from the Contractor. Our compensation is paid directly by our client, you.
  • You receive a design and building program to your satisfaction (not the Architect's or Contractor's satisfaction) that is within your budget.
  • The Church Architect goes one step farther with our value-added program that provides you a high-quality Contractor who will commit and adhere to your approved Preliminary Design Plans and Projected Budget.
  • You will be comfortable knowing your project and budget are in the hands of qualified church design experts. This minimizes, and often eliminates, major pitfalls such as missed deadlines, unbudgeted change orders, blown budgets or completed design variances many of  the traditional programs often deliver.
  • The Church Architect will deliver you Preliminary Design Plans and a Projected Budget you approve before we receive any payments.
  • You will know what to expect in terms of design, expenses, and timelines every step of the way. Most importantly, your budget is maximized since you will avoid wasting monies on re-designs or unexpected, unbudgeted change orders.
  • The Church Architect offers you a comprehensive, professional program that respects you and your budget.
  • You receive a Church you, your congregation and community will be proud to call 'home' - all within the budget you've allocated!

Contact us or call us at 1-864-288-9630 for more information on your customized Church Project Delivery Program. Imagine your Church Project Delivery Program resulting in a worship facility you, your congregation and your community will be proud to attend for generations to come. We are excited about the chance to help make such a worship facility a reality for you! 

Contact us today!  I look forward to talking with you today.


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The Church Architect
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